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Translating Ideas Into Real World Application

Our Story

WZTech was founded on Nov. 1st, 2016 by David Wismer.  David started his career in aviation in 1986 as an Air Traffic Controller at Kansas City Center in Olathe, KS. In 1993 he started his first software company, SportsLink. David developed the concept and wrote the program for an Officially Licensed NCAA Screen Saver. The software delivered school-themed animation and scheduling information for most major universities. The SportsLink screen savers sold nationwide at most university bookstores and major electronic distributors like Best Buy.


In 2002 while providing on-the-job training to a new controller, he realized how training could be improved with a rapid replay tool to teach from. In 2004 the first version of Falcon was released. Today Falcon is the primary replay tool for the FAA with over 6,000 loads per day.


To further enhance the capabilities, he conceived and wrote the DRAAS (DALR Remote Audio Access System).  DRAAS is a NAS (National Airspace System) that retrieves audio in near real-time from the FAA’s Mission Critical network and makes it available for seamless integration into the playback in Falcon on the FAA’s Mission Support network.


David continued his career progressing through traffic management, facility management and finally as the FAA’s Safety Tools Team Lead in Washington DC.  He developed and implemented a variety of business processes and IT systems to help the FAA meet its mission in a cost-effective manner. Among the many FAA systems David was involved in, five – CEDAR, TARP, DRAAS, SAR, and Falcon - stand out as critical to safety operations.


  • Falcon is a tool that allows users to review radar sessions within the En-route environment. It includes voice data in near real-time. FALCON pulls data from the Search and Rescue database.  

  • SAR (Search and Rescue System) streams 10 million records an hour from NOP (National Offload Program) and SWIM (System Wide Information Management) and producing a near-realtime normalized Oracle database.

  • TARP (Traffic Analysis and Review Program) detects instances of less than the standard separation between two aircraft in the NAS (National Airspace System). These events generate EORs (Electronic Occurrence Reports) in CEDAR. FAA safety personnel investigate these incidents.

  • CEDAR (Comprehensive Electronic Data Analysis and Reporting) provides operational ATO facilities with an automated electronic means to consistently document employee performance data, manage resources, and capture safety-related information. It functions as a single source for data collection, retrieval and reporting for the different Service Units. Data and reports generated in CEDAR are accessible to various levels of management within the Air Traffic Organization. CEDAR helps organize the data from electronic mandatory occurrence reports and makes it accessible for Quality Assurance and trend analysis.

  • DRAAS (DALR Remote Audio Access System) is a NAS system. DRAAS allows users on the mission support network to retrieve real-time audio from the facility DALR audio recording system located on the NAS. This audio is programmatically integrated with Falcon to facilitate search and rescue efforts and investigate incidents.


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